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All About Edzym

We’re your learning catalyst to succeed in life!

  • A Team of Passionate Educators
  • We Offer Only Real Live Classes
  • Real and Useful Mentor Support
  • Our Focus Is Your Real Life Success

Who are we?

We are your learning catalyst, a passionate group of evergreen learners joined to help the world to do their best by enabling effective learning and communication.

Edzym is an edtech startup with multinational presence. We are working on revolutionizing the world of learning and communication.

We believe the learning must be a fun-based interactive experience and accessible to all.

Currently, we offer communicative language training classes and after-school tuition services to a wide range of audiences worldwide.

Edzym Team

By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man; body, mind and spirit.

Mahatma Gandhi

What do we aim?

Edzym intend to deliver better education accessible to all leveraging the technology.

Our target is to improve the lives of a million families by 2025 through quality education.

What do we ensure in our work?

Our Wonderful Team

Thanks to Almighty, our caring mentors, super supportive customers, beloved students, watchful parents, wonderful tutors, and our marvelous team, we started to grow beyond our wildest imaginations within the first few months of our incorporation.

Edzym entire team’s dedication, hard work, commitment, and all those good little things helped us reach where we are today.

We are also happy to have over 90% of women on our team from the board to most various levels.

Edzym Team
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