CBSE Premium Tuition Classes

A comprehensive learning solution!

  • Covers all Major Subjects in One Course
  • Specially Crafted Year Long Program
  • Daily Classes For Small Interactive Groups
CBSE tuition online group tuition classes

What this course offers?

  • Live classes in small groups
  • Entire syllabus coverage
  • In-class doubt solving
  • Monthly mock tests
  • Class notes and question bank
  • Progress & attendance reporting
  • Classroom recording to relearn
  • Communities for social learning

Subjects Covered For Grades 8-10

Subjects Available For Grades 11-12 Commerce

*To choose from 1 of 2 electives

Subjects Available For Grades 11-12 Science

**To choose from 2 of 3 electives

Language Classes Available as Add-on

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  • Result Oriented
  • Progress Reporting
  • Classroom Recordings

Reference Timetable

FriSelf studySelf study
*This timetable is for reference only. The actual class allocation, subjects, holidays, and timings may vary based on the enrolled batches.
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What Do Our Students and Parents Say?​

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Why should I choose Edzym’s Premium tuition?

Simply, you want something real!

We offer CBSE tuition classes in small groups for better learning. This helps the students to get better attention, and enough time with the tutor to clarify their doubts.

We also offer unique mentor support sessions, to analyze the students’ learning challenges and resolve them with expert support.

With Edzym Premium Tuition, the parents always feel confident as they stay updated with their wards’ progress and know they have someone real to talk to.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Premium courses are for one academic year. You may join for a term, or a year.

Ideally, the premium courses will have up to 2 classes of 1 hour each per day for up to 6 days a week. The actual timetable for the batch will be available for the student to see after login.

To ensure each student gets individual attention, our classes are small groups of a maximum of fifteen students only. The average size of a class is 10 to 12 students.

Suppose you would like classes for your second languages like Hindi, Arabic, French, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, etc. In that case, you may join our language-specific batches or one-on-one classes as an add-on. Please talk with your counselor to join the classes.

The CBSE Premium tuition classes are pre-scheduled, and you may submit a request to the support team to join a different batch however, the confirmation is subject to seat availability.

The CBSE Premium classes offer an excellent opportunity for our students to interact fully with their teacher using a microphone, webcam, and chat. They can talk to the teacher, discuss their doubts, and get clear solutions.

We also have a community for all students to join and interact with each other for an enhanced learning experience.

We urge you to attend your classes on time and in case of any unavoidable reasons you can’t attend the classes then please use the recordings to watch the missed sessions. From time to time we conduct revision sessions so those will be a good opportunity to gain the knowledge.

We believe in the overall improvement of our students. So from time to time, we provide non-academic classes to improve our students’ learning skills and other personal qualities. These are short-term programs led by various professionals.

We recommend joining the year-long program to avail such benefits.

The availability of recordings are subject to Edzym’s and our technical service providers’ terms of services and terms of use. If there are no paid sessions available for the student, these recordings will get deleted. The recordings are ideally stored for the current academic year as long as the student has active sessions scheduled.

Enrolling in the year-long program will get you the best discount.

We also offer a reasonable discount for siblings’ enrollment.

To get a better discount and access to some of our learning support activities we strongly encourage you to go for a full plan for the entire academic year.

You may also try the course for one month and choose to upgrade to the full plan on the go.

We aim to provide quality education for all our students and do our best to achieve the best results for our students.

For any reason, if you find our classes are not meeting your expectations, you may request a full refund after attending 2 classes and within 7 days of purchase.

Within 7 days, if 3 or more classes are attended, the refund will be with the deduction of the classes attended.

After 7 days, there is no refund, modification, or cancellation allowed.

You may read more about refunds on our refund policy page.

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