Learn Malayalam, the Beautiful Language of Kerala!

Explore the Rich Culture and Traditions of Kerala Through Our Comprehensive and Engaging Online Malayalam Course

  • Personalized 1-1 Classes
  • Available For All Learners
  • Native Teachers From Kerala
  • Start Speaking in a Short Time
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What You’ll Learn

  • Master the Malayalam alphabet and script
  • Develop strong reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills
  • Expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar
  • Engage in real-life conversations with native speakers
  • Discover Kerala’s rich culture, traditions, and history

Why Choose Edzym’s Online Malayalam Course?

Our Online Malayalam Course offers a unique and comprehensive learning experience that combines expert instruction, engaging content, and a supportive community. With a focus on practical language skills and cultural insights, our course will help you unlock the beauty of Malayalam and develop a genuine appreciation for Kerala’s rich heritage.

This course covers

  • Suitable for all learners starting at any level
  • From phonetics to accent development
  • Customizable for your learning needs

What this course offers?

  • Live classes for single learner
  • Follows student learning needs
  • In-class doubt solving
  • Regular mock tests
  • Convenient timing
  • Class notes and worksheets
  • Progress & attendance reporting
  • Mentor to support the learning
  • Classroom recording to relearn
  • Communities for social learning
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  • Result Oriented
  • Start Speaking Fluently
  • Learn to Write Stories
  • Read Malayalam Classics
  • Understand Your Friends
  • Mentor Support
  • Classroom Recordings

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We strive to arrange classes according to your preferred timing or as close as possible. Our goal is to accommodate your needs for a seamless learning experience.

Did you know?

The Malayalam script is an abugida, derived from the ancient Brahmi script. It consists of 54 letters, including 37 consonants and 16 vowels.

Discover the Joy of Learning with Edzym’s Online Language Classes! Our engaging and interactive approach ensures a seamless learning experience. Enjoy live classes led by native Malayalam tutors and benefit from a structured curriculum that eliminates the need for self-teaching.

Our tailor-made lesson plans cater to each learner’s interests and proficiency levels in the Malayalam language. We employ highly effective teaching methods for every student, helping them master reading, writing, listening, and—above all—speaking Malayalam with confidence.

Mastering Malayalam has never been this easy and engaging! Book a free session today and experience Malayalam!

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are entirely customizable courses and can be bought in multiples of 20 sessions. Each session is for 1 hour.

Once the classes are scheduled, we strongly recommend following the class timings. However, if needed, classes can be rescheduled with a minimum of 1 days’ notice to avoid inconveniences.

We allow up to 2 such changes in a month.

You may choose any number of subjects or languages as per your need. For each subject you choose we recommend having at least 2 sessions a week.

You may also mix and match the classes when you need them with 2 days’ advance notice.

Yes you may do so with 2 days’ notice.

All of our paid classes offer an excellent opportunity for our students to interact fully with their teacher using a microphone, webcam, and chat. They can talk to the teacher, discuss their doubts, and get clear solutions.

We also have a community for all students to join and interact with each other for an enhanced learning experience.

Once the classes are scheduled the tutor will be waiting for up to 15 minutes then the class will be counted as a completed class. Such classes won’t be rescheduled or reallocated for another time.

We believe in the overall improvement of our students. So from time to time, we provide non-academic classes to improve our students’ learning skills and other personal qualities. These are short-term programs led by various professionals.

We recommend joining the year-long program to avail such benefits.

The premium courses will have up to 2 classes of 1 hour each per day.

The availability of recordings are subject to Edzym’s and our technical service providers’ terms of services and terms of use. If there are no paid sessions available for the student, these recordings will get deleted. The recordings are ideally stored for the current academic year as long as the student has active sessions scheduled.

Each of the 20 sessions packs is valid up to 3 months from the purchase date. If an extension is required, please feel free to contact our support team before the expiration date to get an additional 2 more months extension.

Buying 60 classes or more will get you the best discount. For convenience, we offer 20 classes in a pack so we recommend adding 3 or more to the cart.

We also offer a reasonable discount for siblings’ enrollment. Please contact the support team for sibling enrollment.

To get a better discount and access to some of our learning support activities we strongly encourage you to go for a full plan for the entire academic year.

You may also try the course for one month and choose to upgrade to the full plan on the go.

We aim to provide quality education for all our students and do our best to achieve the best results for our students.

For any reason, if you find our classes are not meeting your expectations, you may request a full refund after attending 2 classes and within 7 days of purchase.

Within 7 days, if 3 or more classes are attended, the refund will be with the deduction of the classes attended.

After 7 days, there is no refund, modification, or cancellation allowed.

You may read more about refunds on our refund policy page.

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