Telugu Words and Meaning in English for Beginners

Essential Telugu Words and Meaning in English for Beginners

Learning essential Telugu words as a beginner lays a vital foundation for effective communication and cultural immersion. Mastering basic Telugu vocabulary not only facilitates everyday interactions but also enhances cultural understanding. This guide assumes some familiarity with the Telugu varnamala, aiming to equip beginners with essential vocabulary. It empowers them to embark on a rewarding journey of language acquisition and cultural exploration, fostering meaningful connections within Telugu-speaking communities.

Telugu Greetings and Basic Expressions

Telugu Greetings and Basic Expressions

In Telugu culture, greetings and basic expressions play a significant role in everyday interactions. Here are some common Telugu words for greetings and basic expressions that are essential for beginners:

Helloనమస్తే (namastē)Traditional greeting
Welcomeస్వాగతం (svāgataṁ)Warm welcome
Thank youధన్యవాదము (dhanyavādamu)Expression of gratitude
Pleaseదయచేసి (dayacēsi)Polite request
How are you?మీరు ఎలా ఉన్నారు? (mīru elā unnāru?)Inquire well-being
Excuse meక్షమించండి (kṣamiṅcaṇḍi)Apologize or get attention
Telugu words with meaning, used for daily greetings

Learning these greetings and expressions not only facilitates communication but also demonstrates respect and cultural awareness when interacting with Telugu speakers. Practice using these phrases in everyday conversations to build confidence and deepen your connection with the Telugu language and culture.

Telugu Numbers and Counting

This section provides a foundational understanding of Telugu numbers and counting, crucial for beginners to engage in everyday conversations involving quantities and numerical information. Numbers are essential for everyday communication and transactions. Here’s how to count from 1 to 10 in Telugu:

Oneఒకటి (okaṭi)The number one
Twoరెండు (reṇḍu)The number two
Threeమూడు (mūḍu)The number three
Fourనాలుగు (nālugu)The number four
Fiveఐదు (aidu)The number five
Sixఆరు (āru)The number six
Sevenఏడు (ēḍu)The number seven
Eightఎనిమిది (enimidi)The number eight
Nineతొమ్మిది (tommiḍi)The number nine
Tenపది (padi)The number ten
Basic words for Telugu numbers and meaning in English

Counting in Telugu

Learning Telugu numbers and how to count objects and quantities is essential especially when you’re shopping, discussing quantities, or simply counting items. Practice these numbers regularly to become comfortable with using them in various contexts.

TeluguMeaning in English
మంది (maṇḍi)One person
రెండు మంది (reṇḍu maṇḍi)Two people
మూడు మంది (mūḍu maṇḍi)Three people
నాలుగు మంది (nālugu maṇḍi)Four people
ఐదు మంది (aidu maṇḍi)Five people
Words used for counting in Telugu

Days of the Week and Months

Learning the names of the days of the week and months in Telugu is essential for scheduling appointments, discussing dates, and planning events. Practice using these terms to become comfortable with expressing dates and time-related information in Telugu.

Below 2 tables illustrates the Telugu words used to represent the days and months with their corresponding meaning in English.

Days of the Week

Day of the week in TeluguEnglish Day
ఆదివారం (ādivāraṁ)Sunday
సోమవారం (sōmavāraṁ)Monday
మంగళవారం (maṅgaḷavāraṁ)Tuesday
బుధవారం (budhavāraṁ)Wednesday
గురువారం (guruvāraṁ)Thursday
శుక్రవారం (śukravāraṁ)Friday
శనివారం (śanivāraṁ)Saturday
Words used for days of the week in Telugu

Months of the Year

Month of the year in TeluguEnglish Month
జనవరి (janavari)January
ఫిబ్రవరి (phēbravari)February
మార్చి (mārci)March
ఏప్రిల్ (ēpril)April
మే (mē)May
జూన్ (jūn)June
జూలై (jūlai)July
ఆగస్టు (āgastu)August
సెప్టెంబర్ (sepṭembar)September
అక్టోబర్ (akṭōbar)October
నవంబర్ (navambar)November
డిసెంబర్ (ḍisembar)December
Months of the year

Telugu Words for Common Objects and Items

The Telugu words given in this section cover a range of everyday objects and items used in households, food preparation, clothing, and miscellaneous items. Practice using these words in context to enhance your vocabulary and fluency in Telugu.

Household Items

Telugu WordMeaning in English
పుస్తకం (pustakaṁ)Book
పాత్ర (pātra)Vessel / Utensil
కోటు (kōṭu)Bed
టేబుల్ (ṭēbul)Table
కుర్చి (kurci)Chair
Telugu words for common household items

Food Items

Word for Food itemsMeaning in English
అన్నం (annaṁ)Rice / Food
పానీయం (pānīyaṁ)Water
పండు (paṇḍu)Fruit
పాలు (pālu)Milk
సాంబారు (sāṁbāru)Sambar
Words for basic food items


Telugu Word for ClothingMeaning in English
పట్టు (paṭṭu)Cloth
బట్టలు (baṭṭalu)Clothes
బ్లౌసు (blausu)Blouse
బూట్స్ (būṭsu)Boots
చీర (cīra)Saree
Telugu words for clothing

Miscellaneous Items

సింధూరం (sindhūram)Vermilion
వెండి (veṇḍi)Fan
కారు (kāru)Car
బ్యాగ్ (byāg)Bag
పందిరి (paṇḍiri)Mirror
Miscellaneous items

Directions and Places

This section equips beginners with essential Telugu vocabulary for directions and places, enabling them to navigate and communicate effectively in various settings. Learning these Telugu words will help you navigate and describe locations effectively in Telugu-speaking environments. We suggest using them in conversations and exploring new places to reinforce your understanding.


Telugu Word for DirectionEnglish Meaning
ఉత్తరం (uttaraṁ)North
దక్షిణం (dakṣiṇaṁ)South
పశ్చిమం (paścimaṁ)West
పూర్వం (pūrvaṁ)East
ఉత్తరదిశ (uttaradiśa)Northern direction
దక్షిణదిశ (dakṣiṇadiśa)Southern direction
Telugu words for directions

Common Places and Locations

Telugu Word for PlacesEnglish Meaning
అడ్డాలు (aḍḍālu)Streets
బాగం (bāgaṁ)Garden
వ్యాపారకేంద్రం (vyāpārakēndraṁ)Market
హోటల్ (hōṭal)Hotel
ప్రాంతం (prāṁtaṁ)Area / Region
Telugu words for common places


Learning essential Telugu words as a beginner is pivotal for developing practical communication skills and fostering deeper cultural connections. By mastering basic vocabulary for greetings, numbers, days of the week, common objects, directions, and places, you lay a strong foundation for navigating everyday interactions in Telugu-speaking environments. This guide will be stepping stone to learn Telugu through English.

Continued practice and exploration of this cultural rich language will not only enhance your ability to communicate effectively but also enrich your understanding of its culture and traditions. Embrace the journey of learning Telugu with enthusiasm and persistence, exploring new words and phrases to expand your linguistic horizons.

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