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Nowadays more and more children are inclined to learn creative writing through online creative writing courses. Children are aware that by learning creative writing they can create something wholly new just from their thoughts and bring their ideas, thoughts and creativity to life.  

What is creative writing? 

In layman’s terms, creative writing is basically a work of fiction or poetry, which displays imagination or invention, often contrasted with academic or journalistic penning. Creative writing is the type of written work that is supposed to evoke emotions in the readers that is being communicated through the words.  

Wikipedia describes creative writing as, “Any writing that goes beyond the bounds of normal professional, journalistic, academic, or technical forms of literature, typically identified by an emphasis on narrative craft, character development, and the use of literary troops or with various traditions of poetry and poetics.” 

Forms of creative writing in 2022

There are an infinite number of ways through which a person could convey emotions and experiences through words. That is the speciality of creative penning.This can be of any form, like short story, narration, script, fictional write-ups, non-fictional stories, and the list goes on. Basically, creative scratching is any form of content that- 

  • Evokes an emotion 
  • Conveys through a point of view 
  • Is imaginative and descriptive  
  • Is narrative 

Here are the 4 most common types of content writing and their general form. 

  1. Novels 

Novels are a long form of narrative fiction that typically contains a word count of 80,000 to 1,00,000 words. 

  1. Biography/memoir 

A biography/memoir is the type of literature that is narrative and based on the author’s memories. 

  1. Screenplay 

Screenplay is the written work by screenwriters that is intended for television, movies, videogames etc. 

  1. Poetry 

Poetry is the use of aesthetic, most often rhythmic qualities of a language to convey a meaning. Poems are not narrative. 

The above mentioned are the 4 most common types of creative writing that are known by the masses. But these aren’t the only types. There are many more types of creative writing like flash fiction, novella, short story, play etc. 

What are the 7 elements of creative writing 2022? 

Knowing just the types of creative authoring is not the end to it. One also has to know the 7 key elements that are used to create those types of written works because these elements are the most important part of a write-up. Without these, how can there be piece of fiction scribbling? 

The following are the 7 key elements of creative writing 2022: 

  1. Plot 

In order for any type of penning to take place, the plot is like the sequence of a story that is written. Plot is the summary of events that take place in a write-up. A plot reveals the reasons of a particular action, who caused it and how it may be resolved. 

  1. Characters 

Any type of prose is incomplete without it’s “character.” No matter if it’s novel, biography, screenplay or a short story, the base of any of these fiction writings are the characters that are brought to life under the hands of a writer. 

  1. Setting  

Setting is the background where the work takes place. It is a place where the characters are played out. The setting helps create an idea of the surroundings and atmosphere of the author’s ideas. 

  1. Action and Dialogue 

Action and dialogue in a creative write-up signify the actions that the characters take in order to develop the plot as well as the dialogues that are exchanged between the characters to do the same. In a way, both the action and dialogues by and between the characters are linked together.  

  1. Character development 

Once the plot, character, dialogues & actions, and setting are decided, the next is to determine how the said characters can develop through the story. The author creates many such situations in their work to let the characters develop themselves as a “person” in the plot. 

  1. Voice 

Voice describes if the characters are unique in themselves as well as what they do to express themselves. When it comes to creative writing, the usage of one’s own unique voice is essential because it sets the said creative write-up apart from others. 

  1. Theme 

The theme of a creative writing work is the overarching concept that runs throughout the work. It is a pervading sense that connects all of the many aspects of the write-up and is present all the way through it. 

The above mentioned are the key elements that are required to create a work of creative writing through which one can express their thoughts and emotions to the audience.  

Many people wonder what is the purpose of “creative writing?” Is it necessary for children to learn creative writing? The answer is yes!  

Benefits of creative writing 2022 courses for students 

Creative writing is very beneficial to children in the long run because through creative writing, not only children can express their emotions, thoughts and opinions through a story, they can also slow improve their vocabulary. There are many more benefits to creative writing that a child can receive through creative writing.  

  1. Helps in building confidence 

Creative writing helps in building confidence in students because it helps students to develop their own voice and gives them an opportunity to explore and express themselves about how they feel about certain topics, philosophies, characters, perspectives etc. This will also allow students to feel more confident when asserting their opinions and perspectives in other things they write too. 

  1. Gives a boost in imagination 

Many people have a misconception that creative writing is unimportant and a waste of time because it is all about imagining fictitious world, characters, places etc…that don’t even exist in real life and don’t serve any purpose.  

But people fail to understand that while doing creative writing, it stimulates a person’s imagination allowing the to “think out of the box.” So, creative writing, in a way, gives boost to a person’s imagination which in turn helps them to think more innovatively and push their boundaries. 

  1. Helps in clearing thoughts 

Creative writing helps a person to clarify their thoughts as well as emotions. Writing down everything that comes to your mind is a great way to declutter a person’s brain and organize the confusion that often accompanies making decisions. It aids in clearing thoughts and getting one ready to take action to address the issue or problem at hand. 

  1. Better understanding of the mechanics of reading and writing 

As a person begins to do creative writing regularly, they not only gain and improve their vocabulary, but they will also come to understand the mechanics of reading and writing better.  

People can not only improve their grammar, they can also understand the flow of how to write for a particular set of audience and gain some better understanding of their own niche. 

  1. Understanding Others’ Points of View and the Ability to Communicate 

Writers must imagine persons, feelings, places, and walks of life outside of their own experiences when they build universes with imagined characters and settings. As a result, people may develop a deeper level of empathy and understanding for others who are different from themselves, don’t live in the same place they do, or don’t go through the same daily struggles they do. 

Writers are able to communicate better when they have a greater understanding of other people’s viewpoints. When it comes to explaining and debating diverse topics, they will be adept at doing it from multiple perspectives. This ability is very essential both professionally and personally. 


Summing it up, creative writing is very essential, especially for students, as creative writing helps them to develop many positive traits which will be helpful for them in the long run. So do you still think creative writing is unimportant and a waste of time? 

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