Why NCERT books are best for CBSE board exams 2023
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Why NCERT Books are Best for CBSE Board Exams (2023)

We all know how much of a big deal the CBSE Board exam is and students always try to search for the best options they could find for the preparations for the board exams. As much as there is the requirement of planning, guidance, and hard work, the right kind of study material is also particularly important for better results. Getting better study materials means better access to quality information. 

For example, if we talk about the English language, students try to get help from study materials other than the NCERT books. But what they don’t know is that NCERT books are prepared with professional research and guidance. It is designed by professionals in such a way as to make it easy for the students to follow up. It doesn’t only apply to any particular subject but all the other subjects in academics. Even then if the students face any adversities with the NCERT study materials they always take help from the CBSE online tuition

Now to answer the question “Why NCERT Books are best for CBSE board exams?” 

You can look into the following points, which will answer your question in brief. 

 NCERT Books Provides In-Depth Knowledge

After lots of research, the team of experts comes up with the study materials that the students read. It’s always prepared while keeping in mind to not make the topic complex; so that the students don’t find it challenging to go through it. NCERT books are meant to provide in-depth knowledge in easy language. If the students are doing preparation for class 10, then it can be nerve-wracking to decide which study material to use since lots of suggestions are thrown their way but all they will need to focus on is the NCERT books. 

 Clears All Basic & Important Topics

While doing CBSE board exam preparation first thing that the students need to do is clear their base. It is important to clear the basic and the important questions before diving deeper into the topics. NCERT books provide a detailed explanation which is responsible for carving your further understanding of the chapter. Students can also take help from the CBSE online tuition to get personalized help from the experts to enhance the preparations for any CBSE board exams. That way along with studying the NCERT Books they can also do CBSE preparation online

 Prepared by Professional Teachers

This is mentioned above as well that the study material provided by CBSE is prepared by a team of experts who does professional research and prepares everything at the start of every session. The experts that we are talking about here are professional teachers, who have been in their teaching career for many years, they pen down their knowledge earned with so many years of experience. The makers of the study material keep the exam pattern in their mind for the type of questions to be of better quality. 

Board Exam Questions are Picked From The NCERT Books

Students tend to look up different sources for a better understanding of the topics. But since CBSE provides its study material, it is obvious that questions for the board exams, especially when students prepare for the CBSE board exams, the questions are picked from the NCERT books themselves. So reading NCERT books are the best option that you can find while preparing for the exams. Maybe the sentences used could be different but the type of questions are the same. 

 It Saves Your Time

 When the students are preparing for the CBSE board exam they need to do productive learning within a short period. During those times, students need to focus on one thing they can’t go around different resources or different books to prepare for exams. And as mentioned above point that questions usually are from the NCERT books, so going through other books will just waste students’ time, so it’s better to only go through NCERT books to save time. Especially when time is very precious. If you still don’t understand certain things and need a further detailed explanation, you can simply take up the CBSE online tuition. 

 NCERT Books Provide Authentic Information

If you are preparing for the CBSE board exam, you will need authentic information in very simple language and NCERT books are known for both of them. The writers of these books are people who have spent their life doing these things for many years. They are experts in their field. Not only for the exams but the content that the students read, stays with them for a lifetime. When you get authentic information; you understand the topics better and hence you will write the answers better in exams which in return will help you score better marks. 

 Provides a Number of Questions to Practice

NCERT Books provided questions in itself. Which students don’t realize but they are very helpful. Since most of the questions are taken from there. While preparing for the CBSE board exams students are generally suggested to solve the previous year question paper to get a better understanding of the question pattern. If you look into the questions carefully you will realize that most of the questions are from the NCERT Books, So students should prefer NCERT books while preparing for the CBSE board exams.  


Since the board itself provides the book, it is obvious that the questions will be from the same books. But let’s be honest here, we still need someone to guide the students through their journey of preparation, especially when students are preparing for the CBSE class 10 exam, students might be a little nervous about the pressure they get from their surroundings. In that case, you can always opt for the CBSE online classes and study NCERT books class 10. The ones who are preparing for the CBSE 10 Board exams can take up the CBSE class 10 tuition to them help them achieve their target score. Preparing for exams can be a task but all that the students need to do is smart work along with hard work with the proper guidance and help of the experts.  

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